Creative Builders Workshops

Castle Builders

Can you save the King? Build a castle to withstand an attack.

About The Workshop

The Castle Builders workshop teaches pupils about the different parts of a castle and the opportunity to work in teams to build a strong and stable fortress that will withstand an attack. Each group will consider the best location to build it and get the chance to build various weapons including catapults, siege towers and battering rams.


This workshop is suitable for pupils from Year 1 to year 6 and children work in groups of 4 or 5 to build a castle. These groups can be mixed ability or chosen by the pupils.

Organise Your Day

The workshop works as either a full day consisting of a morning session with one group of up to 60 children and an afternoon session with another group of up to 60 children, or a half day consisting of a single morning session with up to 60 children.

General Information

Sessions usually take place in the school hall although this is flexible and we can set up in the classroom if one class is taking part. Ideally we need tables to work at and chairs are not required.

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